What my clients say...

“Donna was a huge asset to Producers Rice as we re-branded and launched our consumer products line. Our first project together was worth a fortune to my company as we uncovered marketing directions that catapulted our penetration into the foodservice and retail markets. It was invaluable information for the company all due to Donna’s well thought out marketing strategies. The key was in the detail and we learned from her research to successfully redirect our efforts and focus on educating the customer. To this day, we continue to utilize the information gained from her work on that very first project.”

Christy Kalder, Vice President of Marketing-Consumer Products
Producers Rice MillProducers Rice Mill

"Donna is creatively resourceful, respectful, funny and always a detailed and dependable practitioner. We have worked together for many years and her insight into projects is invaluable."

Donald Evans, Owner and Head Chef
Chicago, Illinois

"Working with Donna Creighton was a great experience for me, my firm and my clients. She is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and a master of her trade. Her follow through and her follow up was exemplary. And when you are in a "deadline" oriented environment, it is most appreciated when your vendors/partners do what they say on time, on budget and on task. Besides, I love working with her, she knows how to lighten up the boardroom!"

image001Mimi San Pedro, Vice President, Global Marketing Group

Chief Operating and Marketing Officer,
P Allen Smith Companies (current)

"Ms Creighton is easy to work with and she consistently produces a great end product.
Personal interaction and communication, as well as a complete understanding of the project objectives are the points of difference with Donna."

cocacolaMichael J. Baker, Director of Global Marketing,
Coca Cola Company

Owner and President
Research Architects, Inc. (current)

"Donna’s sense of humor makes working with her a real pleasure. She’s a pit bull when it comes to getting things done."

Jeannine Heil, Owner and Author
Le Petit Chien Publishing

"Donna is a quick study. She does her research and makes it her business to understand ours. Her writing is relevant and useful and easy to read, even within our challenging product category."

pennzoilRobert Roden, Marketing Manager
Pennzoil Products

"I look forward to each project that Donna is a part of. Her energy and enthusiasm makes my job so much easier. Her writing is well organized and always offers valuable insight and actionable information."

GMAnne Goodline, Marketing Director
Betty Crocker Division, General Mills

"Donna Creighton is an amazing woman who handles every project with dedication and care. The result is enormously rewarding, both monetarily and professionally."

cscreativeCathy Slusher, President
C&S Creative Services

Contact me:  donna@creightoncopywrites.com
Phone:  435.640.4027