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What are you looking for in a professional copywriter?  Someone who can learn quickly about your business and then take the project through to completion without any hand holding?  My clients understand the importance of using an independent writer to create effective copy in order to communicate with their customers.  B2B writing does not have to be boring.  

Being an experienced B2B journalist, I like clients who appreciate a top quality product, delivered on time, and in a clear, concise and logical manner.  Preparation for each project includes exacting research on my part into the background and objectives of the project. My client list includes Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and start-ups. Let me help you. I want to work with people I enjoy, doing meaningful and engaging work.  To me, business is personal.

Depend on me to be deadline sensitive, with a focus on your needs and your satisfaction with the end product.  I am easy to work with, do not disappoint and have a passion for accuracy in structure and detail.  Strong grammarian and willing collaborator.

My education and experience, plus my impressive client list have given me the ability to tackle major projects that are both challenging and fun.  

What does that mean to you?  It means no missed deadlines, clear and engaging copy delivered with an understanding of human motivation and what makes your clients pay attention.  I can readily demonstrate the benefits of working with an independent commercial copywriter.

It's my job to make your job easier. I am professional, genuine and dedicated in my commitment to providing superior service to my clients.

Please visit my Why Me? page to gain confidence in choosing me as your B2B copywriter and newest team member.  "My Bio" page provides details of my background and experience and how that will benefit you and your business.

Or, if you prefer, email me now at  Phone: 435.640.4027.